The Social

Unlike a lot of clubs, Bar Bom is for anyone over the age of 21. We don’t care if you just turned 21 or 71. Everyone’s invited! All people love having a good time, regardless of age. Bar Bommers are alike because we love to try new places, discover great music, and meet fellow members in a fun environment. Social networking and meeting new people can be awkward. To break down the barriers of meeting new people we roll out Bar Bom Missions to make it easy and fun to meet other members.

Here’s how it works

Bar Bom members click on the “Get the details” button for each upcoming event to get briefed on the Bar Bom Missions. Although Bar Bom Missions may vary for each event, the objective of each will always be the same: to seek out another Bar Bom member to complete a specific assignment. Since Bar Bommers are aware that Missions are carried out at events, no one will be nervous to approach other Bommers to complete the Missions and learn about other members.

Complete the mission, new friend obtained! No creepiness, no awkwardness, just carrying out missions.

Forget about social networking. This is Social Recon!

If you have any cool and interesting ideas for Bar Bom Missions shout them out!

You suggest it! We Bom it!
Discover Milwaukee one Bar Bom Event at a time!

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