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Do you get tired of always going to the same bars? Do you want to check out good live music, but don’t know where to find it? Do you have an interest in actually meeting new people in a social setting instead of just talking to the people you know?


Bar Bom

What Is Bar Bom?

Bar Bom
\bär bäm\
- noun

  1. A free club that uses members’ suggestions to discover new bars, enjoy great local bands, and meet other Bar Bommers in a fun and unique way with Bar Bom Missions. No club board deciding where we go nor are we bound to one side of town for our events! The bars we go to and the live music we hear is driven by members’ suggestions put to a vote; you, the members are the club board!

How Do We Bar Bom?

Bar Bom
\bär bäm\
- verb, bar bommed, bar bom, bar bomming

  1. To bombard a bar to its capacity with Bar Bommers on a specific night at a specific time to check out new and great places; to listen to talented local musicians; and, to have a great time with the people you know and the people you will eventually know.

Who Are Bar Bommers?

Bar Bommers
\ bär bä-mərs\
- noun

  1. Anyone of the age of 21 and up who is a member of Bar Bom. Bar Bommers are described as having any of the following traits:
    • A tenacity to try new places around town and suggest their favorites to their friends.
    • An appreciation for great live music and a desire to seek it out often.
    • A zest for mingling with friends and meeting new people.

Bar Bommers bring the above qualities to our club by suggesting their favorite establishments and bands on barbom.com for upcoming events and then vote to decide where we go. They also spread the word to their network of good people to grow our community of quality Bommers!

How Do I Join Bar Bom?

It’s easy!

  • Sign up below under “Join our club!” and provide your email to receive updates. No worries, we don’t bombard inboxes, just bars.
  • For the avid Facebook users and Mark Zuckerberg lovers, “Friend” us on the Facebook page

How Does Bar Bom Choose The Bars?

Bar Bom compiles all the suggestions from you. After clearing it with bars and arranging a band, Bar Bom will post three possible bars for Bommers to vote on. The winner gets Bar Bommed!

All votes are final, no recounts, no hanging chads!

What Happens At Bar Bom Events?

By attending events, you’ll be able to discover new place and check out great bands, and if you want to meet new people Bar Bom Missions are your answer.

Bar Bom Missions
\bär bäm mɪʃəns\
- noun

  1. Assignments provided to willing Bar Bommers in advance to be executed at Bar Bom events. Mission objectives are to seek out other Bar Bommers and complete the specific assignments, thereby meeting new Bar Bommers in a fun and easy way!

How Do I Find Out About The Next Bar Bom Event?

Many ways:

  1. Join the club on our webpage to subscribe to our Email list
  2. Friend the Bar Bom Facebook Page and check out the News Feed.
  3. Follow us on Twitter.
  4. Visit www.barbom.com. You probably want to visit the webpage every day. It gets lonely!

Keys to Bar Bom:

Remember, for Bar Bom to be a success we need Bar Bommers to tell their friends about the club and how much you love it. We also need Bommers to suggest new bars and bands and to take part in Bar Bom Missions so that eventually you’ll know every member at our events! With a growing, tight-knit community of Bar Bommers providing suggestions, Bar Bom will be the means for people to truly appreciate all that Milwaukee has to offer!

Let’s discover the Greater Milwaukee area one Bar Bom event at a time!

If you have any suggestions for new events (i.e. professional networking, dating, mentoring, themed events, etc.) or anything else let us know! This club is not limited to just the bar scene.


You suggest it! We Bom it!
Discover Milwaukee one Bar Bom Event at a time!

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